Archetype Services

  • $10/month per website as an Archetype Reseller ($100 a month minimum) Signup now!
  • $4 /month email account (through Fastmail)
  • $5/month site statitics (through Matomo)
  • $20-$80/month website (cost based on the services required)
  • $100/hour custom programming

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How Archetype Works

Archetype™ runs much like other website hosting systems, the main difference is that Archetype™ is a manged system. This means that the customer does not have to deal with most, if any, of the highly technical aspects of setting up, running and maintaining the system that runs their site.

Complete trace of visitor access

  1. A user is interested in visiting your site.
  2. The request goes out from their browser to their ISP.
  3. The Domain Registrar contains a record of the name servers for your domain name, and the request is then directed to those name servers.
  4. The name servers direct the request to your Archetype™ powered website.
  5. Your website is then delivered to the site visitor.

This is a simplified explanation of how the internet work in general, and also demonstrates some of the complexities of just a simple visit to your site, and all the systems that have to work perfectly to display a simple web page.

If you are interested in a more detailed explanation of how DNS works Wikipedia has an article on DNS.