Build websites with greater ease

Archetype is a website management system for professional website builders.

Create and manage websites easier, faster and less support overhead.

Easily create and manage multiple websites

Archetype makes it ease to create a new website from current existing sites or installer sites. It enables easy reuse of resources, content and settings. Setup a base site and use it to create new sites from in seconds instead hours.

The easiest content editing interface for clients

Archetype’s content editing system is very intuitive. It will lower the support time and costs to manage the content on client sites. This makes clients happy because they can manage their own site easier. And training is either minimal or not needed at all.

Control the design and layout of content

Archetype puts control in the hands of the people that need it most. Designers control the layout, and can quickly setup the interfaces available for the end client to manage the content. This gives designers more peace of mind knowing that accidental breaks on the client site are less likely, and the client will be happy to be able to edit content on complex designs and not break the layout.