Website Management for Designers and Agencies

Archetype is a content management system that helps you build websites faster and easier and simplifies maintainenance and support.

The best content management system available

Content editing in Archetype is easy for non-technical users and content producers. Customizable interfaces make editorial oversight simple and help maintain design integrity.

Build and manage multiple websites easily

Create a new site in a couple clicks. Never start from scratch again with Archetype's site install system. Manage multiple sites from one interface.

Design sites with your own tools

Templates in Archetype are css, js and html. Use any editor or design tool you want. Automatic version tracking helps keep everyone on the same page.

Easily create and manage multiple websites

Tired of tweaking complex themes and starting over from the one “true” theme? Create a bunch of installer sites with Archetype and have new sites up and running quickly. Manage hundreds of sites easily, free HTTPS, simple mass email tools, basic ecommerce … (with lots more)