Putting video on your Archetype™ site

If you want to display video on your site, the best way is through a video hosting service and embedding the videos on your site using code provided by the service.

Why should you use services like these?

The primary reason is they use dedicated streaming media servers to deliver your videos to your end user. Archetype does not provide streaming media services. Streaming media allows visitors to view videos nearly instantly and also navigate the videos seamlessly.

Streaming video providers also include a video player with their service, something you would have to include by hand if you wanted to host video yourself.

There is also marketing value in hosting your videos on these sites. For example, your video content may be found simply by visitors to the video providers sites.

The last issue is cost, adding videos for download on your Archetype site may increase your monthly hosting costs, which would be less expensive than using a free service, and likely less than the cost of professional accounts with dedicated streaming video service providers.

Each of these providers offer a professional business account as well that would allow you more control over the use and display of your videos.

A list summarizing the reasons to use a video streaming service:
  • Speed of delivery (because of dedicated streaming media servers)
  • Ease and fluidity of navigating online videos
  • Video player provided
  • Marketing value with hosting on a dedicate video site
  • Bandwidth and hosting costs (for the value provided)