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Secure Webmail Access

Mobile Webmail Access

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Server Configuration Settings

Below are the server names and ports for your hosted email account.

Server Name Port Server Type
secure.emailsrvr.com 993 IMAP with TLS/SSL

NOTE: When entering your User Name, please enter your entire email address (e.g., myname@mydomain.com). Also, please use all lower-case letters.

Sending Email

Server Name Port Server Type
secure.emailsrvr.com 465 or 587 SMTP with TLS/SSL

NOTE: Outgoing servers (SMTP) require authentication. Outlook users will need to manually enable this feature. Follow the Setup Guides, below, to configure your account.

NOTE: If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) allows you to send email through servers other than their servers, you can use these settings. Most ISPs block the sending of email through any SMTP severs but their own. This means most likely the SMTP server you need to use is your ISP's email server.

To understand why ISP's block outgoing email, read the section on "Outgoing mail server access restrictions" here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_25#Outgoing_...