How Archetype™ works

Archetype™ is a complete managed website publication system. It offers all the necessary services and tools to enable your business to get online, maintain a profitable and useful web presence.

Archetype™ is a managed system

A managed system means there is dedicated staff that maintains and administrates the components of the system. Each component that is needed to run your site, from the core email servers, database software to the visual design of your site is supported by professional staff.

Archetype™ is a complete system

Hosting, email, webmail, traffic statistics, file sharing, image galleries, blogs, member system, password protected content and even mass emailing. Integration with Youtube, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and other service providers allows businesses to conduct their online work from a single central location.

Main system components

Since Archetype™ at it's core is a website publication system, no extra hosting systems are needed, as this is a central component to making Archetype™ operate as well as it does. Though there is flexibility in how email, statistics and ecommerce, and other systems function with your Archetype™ website.



Optional Services

These are the services that are not required services of your Archetype™ website. While some services are integrated.




  • Email & Webmail
    • Any email system can be used with your Archetype™ site. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, domain registrars like Godaddy or even your local ISP.
  • Website Statistics
    • Archetype™ closely integrates with Visistat as is the preferred statistics package do to it's quality, usability and full feature set. But any analytics package will work with the system and are easy to setup, such as Google Analytics.
  • Ecommerce
    • Setting up a store can be a very simple one day process or a huge team oriented job. With an Archetype™ website, you can setup a quick and simple shopping cart in very little time, or a completely separate subdomain can be configured to run a full service 3rd party ecommerce store.
  • Other Services
    • With modern social networks and content syndication systems like RSS, getting content to and from your site has become invaluable. Also taking advantage of often free 3rd party tools like Google maps or geo location from Yahoo games and many other systems is making it easier to bring all the services you need under one manageable space.